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American food delivery in Vienna is a treat at any time

Everyone loves an American food delivery in Vienna. Juicy artisan burgers, chicken and fries, waffles or fresh ice-cream are just some of the best-known foods from the US. This tasty food has traveled to every corner of the world and you'll find some of the best American restaurants in Vienna.

Try something new with American restaurants delivery in Vienna

American food is relatively new and doesn't have the ancient traditions associated with some types of cuisine. The English and Scots began the colonization of Jamestown in 1607 and, like all immigrants, they brought their own cookery styles. Before long, Swedish, French, German, Chinese and African settlers added their own contributions. The south is known for delicious dishes like waffles and, of course, Southern fried chicken. Crispy crumb coating with a hint of pepper and spice covers succulent chicken breast, legs, wings or thighs. It's one of the most popular options for those ordering American food online; try traditional styles or new versions from restaurants like KFC and TGI Friday's.

Order an American burger online and impress your friends

Juicy burgers made from prime beef are a hit with every age group. The burger is a simple beef patty served between two halves of a bun. It is sometimes served with salad or garnishes like onion, gherkin, blue cheese, Monterey Jack cheese or mushrooms and upscale versions from Schrnk will impress the most discerning diners. Vienna. No American meal would be complete without dessert. Cheesecake or apple pie are great at any time, while ice-cream from places like Ben & Jerry's offers an authentic taste of America.

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