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Discover delicious new taste sensations with Middle Eastern delivery in Vienna. Order oriental food online and you'll be able to try dishes that are common to the region like kebabs, hummus, and falafel or area specific foods like Persian tahchin, a delicious rice cake filled with chicken and vegetables. Middle Eastern restaurant takeout is an invitation for you to embark on a memorable culinary journey

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Subtle, warm, tangy and spicy are just a few of the words used to describe food from the Middle East. The region covers a vast area stretching from Turkey in the east to Morocco in the west. Food served in Middle Eastern restaurants in Vienna may be from the Levant or Mediterranean, or be influenced by Arabic, Jewish or European traditions. Versions of popular dishes like kebabs and falafel are found throughout the Middle East and they're among the most popular with Viennese diners. Try them and other Middle Eastern dishes from local restaurants like Tewa and Baba Noni.

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Ingredients like olive oil, mint, juicy tomatoes, yoghurt, and lemons are widely used, while spices like saffron, sumac and za’atar conjure up images of exotic bazaars. Opt for tasty soups and filling tagines, order fresh Greek salads or delicious Turkish shawarma or try dumplings inspired by street food in Tel Aviv. Middle Eastern restaurants in Vienna such as Maschu Maschu or Neni all have their own take on this satisfying and fragrant cuisine.

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